Stone Bunny: Cover image for SIGGRAPH 2000 Proceedings

Stone Bunny

This lapped texture model renders at 25 frames per second at a resolution of 1024x1024 pixels using ordinary texture mapping hardware on a PC. It is created by covering a 15,000-triangle mesh using 282 overlapping copies of the inset texture patch. The user spent 15 minutes specifying the desired texture direction over the surface. Then, automatic placement of the texture patches took 2 minutes of computation. Due to the overlapping texture patches, each face of the original mesh is rendered 1.6 times on average. Lapped textures allow large, arbitrary surfaces to be covered with a compact texture footprint.

Lapped Textures,
Emil Praun, Adam Finkelstein, and Hugues Hoppe.
Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2000 Proceedings).