Consistent spherical parameterization

Consistent spherical parameterization
Arul Asirvatham, Emil Praun, Hugues Hoppe.
Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling (CGGM) 2005 Workshop.
Low-distortion mapping between genus-zero shapes.
Abstract: Many applications benefit from surface parameterization, including texture mapping, morphing, remeshing, compression, object recognition, and detail transfer, because processing is easier on the domain than on the original irregular mesh. We present a method for simultaneously parameterizing several genus-0 meshes possibly with boundaries onto a common spherical domain, while ensuring that corresponding user-highlighted features on each of the meshes map to the same domain locations. We obtain visually smooth parameterizations without any cuts, and the constraints enable us to directly associate semantically important features such as animal limbs or facial detail. Our method is robust and works well with either sparse or dense sets of constraints.
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