Montage4D: Interactive seamless fusion of multiview video textures

Montage4D: Interactive seamless fusion of multiview video textures
Ruofei Du, Ming Chuang, Wayne Chang, Hugues Hoppe, Amitabh Varshney.
Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D), 2018.
Temporally coherent seamless stitching of multi-view textures.
Abstract: The commoditization of virtual and augmented reality devices and the availability of inexpensive consumer depth cameras have catalyzed a resurgence of interest in spatiotemporal performance capture. Recent systems like Fusion4D and Holoportation address several crucial problems in the real-time fusion of multiview depth maps into volumetric and deformable representations. Nonetheless, stitching multiview video textures onto dynamic meshes remains challenging due to imprecise geometries, occlusion seams, and critical time constraints. In this paper, we present a practical solution towards real-time seamless texture montage for dynamic multiview reconstruction. We build on the ideas of dilated depth discontinuities and majority voting from Holoportation to reduce ghosting effects when blending textures. In contrast to their approach, we determine the appropriate blend of textures per vertex using view-dependent rendering techniques, so as to avert fuzziness caused by the ubiquitous normal-weighted blending. By leveraging geodesics-guided diffusion and temporal texture fields, our algorithm mitigates spatial occlusion seams while preserving temporal consistency. Experiments demonstrate significant enhancement in rendering quality, especially in detailed regions such as faces. We envision a wide range of applications for Montage4D, including immersive telepresence for business, training, and live entertainment.
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