New controls for combining images in correspondence

New controls for combining images in correspondence
Jing Liao, Diego Nehab, Hugues Hoppe, Pedro Sander.
IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graphics, 22(7), 2016. (Presented at I3D 2016.)
Multiscale edge-aware melding of geometry and shape from two images.
Abstract: When interpolating images, for instance in the context of morphing, there are myriad approaches for defining correspondence maps that align structurally similar elements. However, the actual interpolation usually involves simple functions for both geometric paths and color blending. In this paper we explore new types of controls for combining two images related by a correspondence map. Our insight is to apply recent edge-aware decomposition techniques, not just to the image content but to the map itself. Our framework establishes an intuitive low-dimensional parameter space for merging the shape and color from the two source images at both low and high frequencies. A gallery-based user interface enables interactive traversal of this rich space, to either define a morph path or synthesize new hybrid images. Extrapolation of the shape parameters achieves compelling effects. Finally we demonstrate an extension of the framework to videos.
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